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Idaho Beer


Boise Brewing

Since opening their doors in 2014 they have been about more than brewing award-winning beer. Beer is their gateway to building a stronger, more engaged community in the heart of Boise. Every time they pour you a glass, the entire community benefits! Visit their taproom to see what growing a vibrant community is all about in DOWNTOWN BOISE.


Grand Teton

Grand Teton Brewing believes that Teton Valley, Idaho is the best place on earth to craft beer. The water is glacial run-off, filtered over 300-500 years by Teton Mountain granite and limestone before it surfaces at a spring a half mile from the brewery. Teton Valley grows the world’s best malting barley, and Southern Idaho includes some of the finest hop farms in the world.


Laughing Dog

Laughing Dog Brewing began as a dream in a small town in Northern Idaho in 2005. It has since turned into an insatiable desire to craft quality beers of all flavors.
Laughing Dog has brewed award-winning beers like their top-selling Huckleberry Cream Ale, local favorite 219 Pilsner, and Imperial IPA Alpha Dog. Seasonal offerings bring gold-medal-winning Anubis Imperial Coffee Porter and Pecan Porter, as well as The DogFather and De Achtste Hond.


Mad Swede

Over 30 years ago, while still in college, Jerry Larson brewed his first batch of beer. Jerry continued experimenting with new recipes over the years. He carefully recorded different brews and methods, like a mad scientist dedicated to his art! In, addition, Jerry and his wife, Susie, both spent much of their careers working as engineers for Hewlett Packard. They both love science and learning about new things. As they dove deeper into the world of beer, their desire to share their passion for great beer with the Boise community grew. This naturally led to Jerry and Susie opening Mad Swede Brewing Company in Boise, in October of 2016.


McCall Brewing

McCall Brewing Company has been brewing handcrafted ales at their micro-brewery restaurant in McCall, Idaho since 1994. They are the second oldest Brewery in Idaho.


Mother Earth

After years of waiting for the right opportunity, Mother Earth opened its Boise, Idaho Tap House in December 2021. Just a few minutes walk from Boise State University, the Boise River Greenbelt and the Capitol, it is the newest destination for ME fans and craft beer lovers in the busy downtown district.


Radio Brewing

Named after the golden age of radio, a forgotten piece of history much like the origins and near extinction of craft brewing, Radio Brewing Company embodies a simpler time, one of class and quality.

Celebrating their love for beer and old time radio, each beer is themed after different radio programs, spanning from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. The hope that by doing this they can raise awareness for the preservation of these shows so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.



Beer from the Heart of Idaho! That was the dream in 2011, when Kevin Jones & Paul Holle founded Sawtooth Brewery in Ketchum, Idaho. Opening on 11/11/11 in a blizzard was just the beginning. After many years at what is now the Hotel Ketchum, Sawtooth Brewery opened the Public House in Ketchum in February 2016, the Tap Room in Hailey in July 2016, and consolidated production in Hailey in November 2016.



This passion for beer was brewed up in the heart of Idaho -- famous for the Sawtooth Mountains, wild rivers and the iconic Sockeye salmon. From their flagship Dagger Falls IPA (named after Class V rapids located on the middle fork Salmon River) to Angel's Perch Amber (a peak in the pioneer mountains), they strive to represent the great state of Idaho as a leader in the craft brew industry and beyond.


Woodland Empire

Imaginative brew creations concocted by husband and wife team Rob and Keely Landerman and Tom Dolan.

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